Wednesday, October 8, 2008

15 Things Need to Be Done B4 End of This Semester

(1) Sharul Presentation on next week
(2) Sharul Exam of HYSYS
(3) Sham SuperPro to be submit on last week of this sem
(4) Economy exam on this Friday
(5) Project submission on Next Monday
(6) Presentation to Dr. Tusirin on Tuesday
(7) Presentation to Panel on Wednesday
(8) My Thesis submission of chapter 3 on this Friday
(9) Run experiment starting from this Friday at least to get some data required by Dr. Sobri
(10) Safety Assignment on Next Wednesday
(11) Management assignment on 22 Oct
(12) Thesis presentation on last week of this sem
(13) Safety Exam on last week of this sem
(14) Correction of project report
(15) Correction of thesis

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