Saturday, August 23, 2008

really Lost.....

Current temp : 37 deg C
Pressure 1 : 7 bar
Pressure 2 : 139 mmHg
Pressure 3 : 73 mmHg
Speed : 82 times per min

I gonna blow life gonna end.....

Memory flashed back to 3 years ago, i was proud. Biochemical engineering....what da fuck is that ?? still dunno...but the engineering words made me proud !!!

Now...sorry....not proud anymore...i hate being an engineer and i'm not a material of engineer...i prefer to become what ever people command...

I hate design, i hate give people command, i hate to communicate people with serious thing, i hate idea lackers, i hate ask people to do things

Preferable real and existing thing, i just go and need think so much, preferable people act themselves, preferable people talk craps with me, preferable people contribute ideas actively.

really Lost.....

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